Romper Stomper is scary, but a good film.

4 Nov

This 1992 Australian film became a cult hit on the shelves of blockbusters in the mid to late 1990s when leading actor Russell Crowe began making movies in the United States.  The word of mouth promoting this VHS video came from the film’s controversial subject matter and violent scenes, but also the very good performances from Crowe (Hando) and Daniel Pollock (Davey).  The film’s lasting power comes from the deteriorating friendship between Hando and Davey.  At the beginning, the two characters have an inseparable and unbreakable bond, but over time Davey’s character starts to make  decisions for himself and Hando ends up lashing out in jealousy and anger, which will ultimately affect the fate of the entire gang.

Although, the gang shares some similarities to A Clockwork Orange’s droogs, Crowe’s powerful performance separates himself from the other actors and his portrayal of a neo-nazi sociopath becomes a template for future Hollywood rip offs. Romper Stomper is scary, but a good film.


Chuck’s Grade: B+

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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