Hello Film Lovers!

This blog is dedicated to giving you Film Reviews in 160 WORDS or LESS!

It is our goal to give you an honest assessment of movies from the past and present in a format that will NOT require you to sit down for 30 minutes and try to figure out if our metaphors are telling you to see this film or not. We don’t mind watching a “clunker” of a movie, but we would rather spend our cash and time watching great films and saving the “guilty pleasures” for a night at home with Redbox or Netflix on the couch. We are doing this because WE LOVE MOVIES and WE LOVE TALKING ABOUT MOVIES. It is our passion.

We hope you enjoy this format and visit our blog on regular basis to read the latest. We will be reviewing new and old movies, dvds/blue-rays, and provide an occasional artist interview from time to time. Enjoy.

Chuck and Adam

Chuck Banaszewski, Ph.D. graduated from Arizona State University (2006) in Theater. Currently teaching Contemporary Cinema and Intro to Cinema classes at Scottsdale Community College.

Adam Schwietz, currently in Film School at Scottsdale Community College getting degrees in screenwriting and film production.  Movies are my passion and talking about films is a lot of fun.

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