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The Hurricane gives a knockout performance

1 Nov

Critically acclaimed director, Norman Jewison finds himself in the corner with another great actor to bring justice to the tragic story of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. A middleweight boxer accused of triple homicide and convicted to three life sentence. The film starts at the beginning of Carter’s life and follows him in the boxing ring, and eventually his arrest and wrongful imprisonment for twenty years. Like his portrayal of Malcolm X, Denzel Washington’s performance makes audience forget he is acting. His ability to embody his character with such truthfulness and believability is astounding. Audiences feel the spectrum of emotions and feelings this real-life character is experiencing because of Washington and Jewison’s attention to detail. The film is like a 15 round fight filled with ups and downs, flurries of action, knockdowns, and the exhilaration of victory. There are always disagreements about the accuracy of facts when such a film is made, but no one can deny the knockout performance of Denzel Washington.


Chuck’s Grade: B+

Adam’s Grade: B