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Tooth Fairy short changes the kids

23 Apr


WWE superstar, The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson is used to putting on a pair tights and jumping around, but in the Tooth Fairy his purple outfit includes a pair of wings and a magic wand. This children’s film is about a minor league hockey player known for knocking out opposing players teeth out with crushing cross checks. He is punished by the fairy world for being mean to a young fan. Derek (Johnson) is like a bull in a china shop as he realizes he is the worst fairy all time, but his competitive nature and his conscience will not allow him to fail. The moment the puck was dropped I wanted to bench him for poor play. He never finds his footing and falls flat on the ice with jokes and sight gags. Ashley Judd and Julie Andrews also collect a paycheck, but in the end, the Tooth Fairy short changes the kids.


Chuck’s Grade: F

Adam’s Grade: N/A

Ted is alive and well

31 Jan


At first, the idea to have an eight year old kid make a Christmas wish for his Teddy Bear to come alive is the dream of many children, but direct/writer Seth MacFarlane takes this idea and creates a mature comedy about a John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) thirty something guy that cannot get his life together because he spends too much time getting stoned with his talking and walking Teddy Bear (voice-Seth MacFarlane) while his girlfriend (Mila Kunis) is tired of her John going nowhere with his life. Most rational people are thinking this is not going to work, but MacFarlane must have made a Christmas wish because TED is a funny, laugh out loud film that entertains audiences and works on many different levels. Wahlberg and Kunis are great together and MacFarlane’s foul mouth Boston accent for TED is genius. There are some problems with the film’s third act, but most of it forgivable. Thankfully, TED is alive and well.


Chuck’s Grade: B+

Adam’s Grade: C+