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Before Midnight

16 Jul


Before Midnight is the third installment in the unexpected but still wonderfully touching Before Trilogy. Just like in the first two films, writer/director Richard Linklater brings us back into the evolving love story that follows Jesse and Celine (Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy) vacationing in Greece, nine years since we last saw them in Before Sunset. The film explores a familiar territory for those dealing with teenagers and the dreaded mid-life crisis.

Linklater has a command of his script and guides his actors through the emotional landscape of unconditional love and loss. His approach reminds me of some of the best French cinema with long takes that allow scenes to play out in real-time. Hawke and Delpy performances add to the heighten sense of realism that is a welcomed change from domestic films obsessed with getting from scene to the next.


Adam’s Grade: B+

Chuck’s Grade: N/A

Bernie makes everyone smile

9 Jan


Writer/Director Richard Linklater read a Texas magazine article that followed the 1996 murder of 81 year-old millionaire Marjorie Nugent in Carthage, Texas by her 39 year-old companion Bernhardt “Bernie” Tiede and turned it into a movie.

Bernie Tiede (Jack Black) begins a job as a mortician at a local funeral home. He is regarded as the nicest man in town. Bernie meets Marjoire Nugent (Shirley MacLaine), a wealthy widow regarded as the most hated woman in town. After month of marriage, Bernie murders her and District Attorney Davidson (Matthew McConaughey) must find a way to secure a fair trial.

Linklater’s dark comedy inserts documentary-like interview segments through out the film to keep it rooted in the community which played a major role in the real-life events.  An interesting device  he uses to make the film quirky was mixing professional actors in with some of the actual people that knew Bernie. The combination cast works perfectly and Jack Black’s performance makes everyone smile.


Adam’s Grade: B+

Chuck’s Grade: N/A