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The Crush (short film) is fleeting

6 Apr


Many young boys develop a crush for one of their elementary teachers, but in this Irish short film from writer/director Michael Creagh takes this idea and creates a scenario where the young boy is going to prove his worth by exposing his teacher’s boyfriend as an unworthy jerk.  Some people will find the humor in this film, but others might find a young boy threatening an adult with a gun as a disturbing thought because of our society’s proliferation of school shootings and youth violence. The idea is dangerous and I like the fearlessness of the Creagh to bring this to life, but the cast does not have much of an onscreen presence and the script is forced and unrealistic in some parts. The Crush grabs your attention, but like most crushes its impact is short-lived and fleeting.


Chuck’s Grade: B

Adam’s Grade: N/A