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22 Jan


Audiences do not have to be too familiar with Greek mythology to keep up with Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. The film follows the title character and his friends on another quest to save Olympus from destruction. Percy Jackson is a little older, but not wiser when it comes to dealing with teenage adversity. He feels doubt, loneliness, and does not know how to accept his unbeknownst cyclops brother. Director Thor Freudenthal does a good job taking the source material and highlighting the adolescent lessons of acceptance and confidence along with a very straight forward and fast moving plot. Everything about the film is positive, except the predictability of the story. It looks great and everyone does a good job, but like Zeus himself, audiences know what is going to happen long before the characters do. Percy Jackson’s is not immortal and neither is the second installment of the Rick Riordan’s books.


Chuck’s Grade: B

Adma’s Grade: N/A

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

5 Nov

Joss Whedon has never been afraid to do something that is familiar and do it differently. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is a fun script he co-wrote with his brothers Jed and Zack, and actress Maurissa Tancharoen. Originally, released as a web-series, and then on DVD/Blu-ray as a short film features Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible, an aspiring villain, who boasts his “evil” work on his blog. He strives to be a part of the “Evil League of Evil”, and desires the affections of Penny (Felicia Day). His rival is a self-centered narcissistic superhero named Captain Hammer(Nathan Fillion).

Dr. Horrible is an amusing musical filled with smart performances, witty writing, goofy characters and catchy songs. This wonderful cult classic is a popular choice on Netflix because of Whedon’s meteoric popularity and growing fan base. The project is only forty minutes long, but this television episode long film leaves audiences hoping for a sequel because¬† Dr. Horrible is so much fun.

Adam’s Grade: A

Chuck’s Grade: B