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Pieces of April on Thanksgiving Day

22 Nov

Believe or not, there are only a couple quality films that are focused on the Thanksgiving holiday. I think the best of these movies is Pieces of April. An independent film written and directed  by Peter Hedges. In 2003, this unassuming caught people off guard with a memorable story about a rebellious city girl who has been a thorn in the side of her conservative, suburban living parents. April (Katie Holmes) has invited her reluctant family to Thanksgiving dinner, but her plans begin to fall apart when her stove does not work.

Hedges does a wonderful job parrelling April’s struggles, along with her parents journey into the city, which is complicated because April’s mother, ironically named Joy (Patricia Clarkson) suffers from cancer.  He uses a series of memory flashbacks to reveal the parent’s past, as well as their sources of resentments. This balance between comedy and drama is perfect for this penetrating Thanksgiving story that reveals the power of unconditional love.


Chuck’ Grade: B+

Adam’s Grade: N/A