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Project X is a waste of time

3 Jul


Project X has become the most recent target of my criticism because this vulgar, mean-spirited, disgusting and not very funny film fails on so many levels that I warn everyone to save their 90 minutes and watch something else, even a Pauly Shore movie is better. I am still perplexed to how Michael Bacall of 21 Jump Street and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World could write such a poor script.

Three high school seniors with no reputation throw a birthday party for Thomas (Thomas Mann) with the hopes of making a name for themselves. Costa (Oliver Cooper) begins to advertise their party through social networking sites and quickly the party and the film begins to spiral out of control. This “found footage” flick lacks credibility and by the time the flame thrower appears I want to pass out.

One good thing, Project X did want me to throw a party to show these three stooges how it is done.


Adam’s Grade: D

Chuck’s Grade: N/A