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Braveheart inspires

3 Nov

Mel Gibson has become a controversial figure over the past few years, but you cannot ignore his body of work as an actor and a director. In 1995, Gibson was at the height of his career when he directs, produces, and stars in his epic tale of William Wallace, a Scottish patriot who fought for his country’s freedom against English tyranny.  Although the historical accuracy of Braveheart is marginal at best, the film is a great adventure story that captured the imaginations of audiences (except the British) with a perfect blend of action, romance, and humor.

The film’s production value has not diminished a bit over the years. The large-scale battles are well choreographed and remind older generations of great films, such as Spartacus and The Battle of Waterloo. Gibson’s charismatic speeches heightens the film’s heroism and his climatic final words inspires people from all walks of life  to look in the mirror and be grateful for their FREEDOM.


Adam’s Grade: A-

Chuck’s Grade: A