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LEE DANIEL’S THE BUTLER serves a up sentimental story

27 Jan


The most striking aspect of Lee Daniel’s The Butler is Forest Whitaker’s (Cecil Gaines) in the title role. It was a beautiful performance about a man, a father, and a husband attempting to provide for his family while attempting to come to turns with his role in life and his place in history. At the center of the film is a story about a father and a son at odds with one another about what actions should be taken to make a positive difference in the world. The film begins with the embarrassing truth of America’s most shameful behavior and follows Mr. Gaines as he becomes a butler at the White House, while his son, Louis grows up to become an activist fighting for African-Americans’ civil rights at most of the major points in history. It is a sentimental story that takes on too much at once, but Whitaker should not have been ignored by the Academy Awards.


Chuck’s Grade: B

Adam’s Grade: N/A

The Numbers Station does not add up

4 Jun

numbers station

I will refrain from beginning this review with the opening phrase, “For starters” because I try to find more positives than negatives, but the film, The Numbers Station starring John Cusack as a CIA agent protecting a facility used to send out secret codes is pretty hard to imagine. This is a straight forward action-thriller that does not have any good twists. The biggest surprise was that the film never provided one for audiences. Malin Akerman and Cusack have a screen presence, but their chemistry never materializes because both of them are playing characters that audiences could care less whether they live or die. This code is easy to crack and The Number Station does not add up to a good thriller. Most people will watch it because it is on Netflix, but then forget it as quickly as they can type their password.


Chuck’s Grade: C-
Adam’s Grade: N/A

The Factory is parent’s worst nightmare

9 Apr


Writer/Director Morgan O’Neill puts together a twisted tale about a police officers (John Cusack and Jennifer Carpenter) pursuit a suspect responsible for the disappearance of several hookers in the Buffalo, NY area over a three-year period. His fixation turns to obsession and anxiety when his seventeen year old daughter is abducted by the kidnapper. Abduction has become a popular theme in films these days because of the recent discoveries of young people being held prisoner as sex slaves. It is a parent’s worst nightmare and the Horror Industry has picked up on this fear for profit. The Factory is an average film with some moments that make you feel sick to your stomach, but the characters are over-exaggerated and most of the performances are mediocre. There are some interesting twists that will take you by surprise, but it’s too little, too late.


Chuck’s Grade: C

Adam’s Grade: N/A