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Fast and the Furious 6 has too many miles on this vehicle

29 May


The latest installment of Fast and the Furious franchise has lost touch with reality. I admit the vault sequence in Five was improbable, but in Six it is downright ridiculous to the point I was laughing out loud at Vin Diesel’s super human stunts. Director Justin Lin takes on too much when he decides to resurrect Michelle Rodriguez (Letty) back from the dead. The soap opera script gets audiences to buy tickets, but there are too many miles on this vehicle.  There are plenty of fast cars and explosions to satisfy the summer blockbuster movie fan and I did enjoy Luke Evans and Gina Carano, but of their characters are inconsistent and the stunts are stupid.  Although, I was disappointed with the film I will put my seat belt on for part Seven because of the end credit’s teaser. Hopefully, Lin will take his ride into the shop and get it fixed in time.


Chuck’s Grade: C

Adam’s Grade: N/A

Tooth Fairy short changes the kids

23 Apr


WWE superstar, The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson is used to putting on a pair tights and jumping around, but in the Tooth Fairy his purple outfit includes a pair of wings and a magic wand. This children’s film is about a minor league hockey player known for knocking out opposing players teeth out with crushing cross checks. He is punished by the fairy world for being mean to a young fan. Derek (Johnson) is like a bull in a china shop as he realizes he is the worst fairy all time, but his competitive nature and his conscience will not allow him to fail. The moment the puck was dropped I wanted to bench him for poor play. He never finds his footing and falls flat on the ice with jokes and sight gags. Ashley Judd and Julie Andrews also collect a paycheck, but in the end, the Tooth Fairy short changes the kids.


Chuck’s Grade: F

Adam’s Grade: N/A