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The Adventures of Tintin did not impress

4 Jan


The Adventures of Tintin was a popular stop motion animated film in 2011 that did well at the box office and was well received by audiences from around the world, but I don’t share the same enthusiasm about Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s animated tale about Belgian artist, Herge’s comic character, Tintin. To be honest, I did not see the theatrical 3D version of the film. I watch the movie on Netflix and I was not impressed.  There was nothing remarkable about the script and the story lacked suspense. Tintin is repeatedly upstaged by Captain Haddock’s volume and physical humor while Snowy (Tin Tin’s dog) becomes the most interesting character to watch. The film’s villan, Sakharine oddly enough looks like a young Steven Spielberg, which I found funny, but I realize this humor is lost on younger audiences. Although, most children will be satisfied with the film, I believe Jackson and Spielberg are capable of something much better.


Chuck’s Grade: C

Adam’s Grade: C+

The Jacket unravels at the seams

10 Nov

The Jacket is a film that mixes elements of horror and science-fiction into a psychological thriller that leaves audiences wondering what to make of it. I like this film, although parts of it remind me of the movie, The Butterfly Effect.

Jack Starks (Adrien Brody) is a Gulf War veteran suffering from periodic amnesia that is accused of murder and sentenced to an insane asylum where he is subject to strange experiments involving a jacket that somehow allows him to travel into the future to visit a girl (Keira Knightley) from his past whose future is uncertain.

Brody has a tendency from time to time to take roles that most for Academy Award winner actors would run from. Throughout his career he has embraced offbeat parts that seem better suited for lesser known actors, but his flair for the eccentric is what makes him one of the most interesting artists working in Hollywood. Unfortunately, The Jacket unravels at the seams.


Chuck’s Grade: B-

Adam’s Grade: C

Skyfall drops in a great movie

9 Nov

Bond is back with a vengeance! After the mediocrity of Quantum of Solace there was a lot of pressure on the cast and crew of Skyfall to deliver a great film for James Bond’s 50th anniversary in film. It delivers and much more. Thanks to Director Sam Mendes and legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins, the Bond tuxedo once again has the license to kill. Skyfall is a smart script filled with action and a talented cast that makes the future of the franchise in good hands.

Skyfall’s James Bond aka 007 (Daniel Craig), once again is on a mission, but soon his loyalty to M (Judi Dench) is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. MI6 comes under attack due to the villainous Silva (Javier Bardem) and 007 must track down and destroy the threat at all cost.

You do not have to be a Bond fan to enjoy this film. After twenty-three films, Bond is better than ever.


Adam’s Grade: A-

Chuck’s Grade: B

Casino Royale: BOND IS BACK

9 Aug

Daniel Craig takes the reins in the new and improved Bond series. What the writers and director have accomplished in Casino Royale is astounding. They took a battered and bruised series and made it into an inventive spy serial with a new look. The real ace flying the plane is Mr. Craig who brings us along for the ride. Obviously, the film wasn’t shot in sequence but it seems that way. We see him change from cockiness to stubborn to humble to confident. He also has a supporting cast that is flawless with Eva Green, Jeffrey Wright, Dame Judi Dench and Mads Mikkelsen giving a non-cartoonish role as the film’s villain.

At 145 minutes it’s the longest Bond yet, but thanks to its sharp editing and quick pacing it breezes by. The action sequences are choreographed extremely well and besides the multiple endings, this is easily one of the best Bond and films of 2006.


Adam’s grade: A-

Chuck’s grade: B