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Interview with a Hitman is interrupted

13 May


I used to love the stone cold killer movies where a macho lead actor would shoot his way through the film, but many of these films would try to soften the lead character when it came to affairs of the heart. Interview with a Hitman is no different. Everything is going great, until he meets the girl, but like the film we must start at the beginning. Viktor is a young boy that gains employment as a Romanian hitman after the mob kills his father. Unlike other films, Viktor is perfectly fine with his father’s death because he lacks emotion and compassion of any kind, which makes him the most respected and feared killer eastern Europe. The adult version of Viktor (Luke Goss) is perfect for the part. His high cheek bones and cold eyes intimidate the camera. My problem lies with the execution of the interview and his relationship with Bethesda (Caroline Tillette). Both feel like an interruption.


Chuck’s Grade: B

Adam’s Grade: N/A