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Almost Famous: Bootleg Cut

5 Dec


Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous is my favorite Rock and Roll movie. I love the fact that it is more than a movie about music, although the soundtrack is stellar. The film is about 15 year-old William Miller (Patrick Fugit) that writes his way into Rolling Stone Magazine by going on tour with a band named Stillwater. Along the way, he learns a more adult perspective of the music business. Crowe’s story is partly based on his real-life experiences when he covered the tours of such bands as, The Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin, and The Eagles.

He creates a series of rich characters that help William experience all the high notes and low notes of being an adolescent. Frances McDormand is wonderful as William’s mom while Billy Crudup plays a charismatic frontman, but the best performance comes from Kate Hudson as Penny Lane, who steals “the show” and more than one heart. I recommend the Bootleg Version for the avid music fan.


Adam’s Grade: A+

Chuck’s Grade: A