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Premium Rush Delivers One Hell of a Ride

28 Aug

Don’t expect a perfect ride from Premium Rush. It’s a fast-paced popcorn movie with exhilarating bike riding scenes through the streets of NYC. The plot revolves around movie Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) a bike messenger trying to deliver a package for a friend, but is being chased by a corrupt cop (Michael Shannon). The plot is simple, but writer/director David Koepp keeps the story cruising by using great chase scenes, humor, and a unique storytelling technique.

Where the film gets a flat is in its dialogue, which has never been Koepp’s strength. Gordon-Levitt and Shannon out perform the film’s script, which made it easier to forgive. The bike riding was amazing, but the fact that Wilee could see different pathways to avoid an accident in a split second was absurd. Other than Hollywood’s interpretation of super human bike messengers the film lives up to its name by delivering a high quality action flick on two wheels.


Adam’s Grade: B-
Chuck’s Grade: B-