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Paperman delivers the message

5 Mar


Paperman is an Academy Award winning animated short film that uses a paper plane to transport the message of love.  John Kahrs directs this black and white Disney film about a man and a meeting by chance on a train platform because of strong wind and loose piece of paper, but their encounter is interrupted by the train’s arrival and the girl’s abrupt exit. Audiences can relate to the romantic notion of love at first sight and Paperman delivers,  but I have an issue with Disney’s propensity for creating ultra-skinny, unrealistic looking female characters as the main love interest. The emotion is there and audiences connect with the story to the point you are rooting for them, but whenever an animated film attempts to capture the essence of the human condition I believe it should also represent the characters in a realistic way. This is my only criticism for an otherwise clever piece of art.


Chuck’s Grade: A

Adam’s Grade: A

Head over Heels (short film)

1 Mar


Timothy Reckart’s stop motion animated short, Head over Heels is an unusual film about a couple that has grown apart. Literally, the wife lives on the ceiling and the husband lives on the floor of their spiraling home. The attention to detail and the patience to create this film is a testament to the team artists involved in bringing this story of lost love together. The co-existing living arrangements is very clever. Watching the simultaneous action was interesting and the figures’ facial expressions said it all, even though there were no words spoken in the film. Head over Heels turns our understanding of relationships upside down for short period of time, which in this case is a good thing.


Chuck’s Grade: A-

Adam’s Grade: N/A

Fresh Guacamole serves up a delicious short

26 Feb

Fresh Guacamole slices and dices up a recipe that uses stop motion as its main ingredient for success. PES aka Adam Pesapane’s Academy Award nominated Animated Short serves up a delicious film that takes a staple of the Southwest’s menu and combines it with items associated with games of chances. The final dish is a clever and colorful appetizer that is a feast for audiences’ imaginations.

Word Count: 66

Chuck’s Grade: B+

Adam’s Grade: B

Adam and Dog is a friendly film

24 Feb


Adam and Dog is an Oscar nominated animated short that puts a playful canine into the Book of Genesis. The dog explores the Garden of Eden, until he meets Adam alone in the forest. The first man makes his first friendship with the dog, but their relationship will change when Eve becomes part of Adam’s life.  The dog loves his master unconditionally no matter what “sins” have been committed. There are no words spoken, but his characters expressions and the shared silences find a voice that speaks to audiences everywhere.

Director Minkyu Lee’s story is endearing to anyone that has experienced the unconditional love of a four-legged friend. His animations are simple, but have a subtle subtext that communicates the power and passion of a first time filmmaker. Like his story, Lee is just beginning his journey into the world and I look forward to his watching his future projects.


Chuck’s Grade: B+

Adam’s Grade: B+