Parker is like all the others

9 Oct


Parker is another predictable Jason Statham movie where his character is another tough guy criminal with principles. The film is a simple revenge story that places Parker in the company of a bunch of double-crossing thieves that had left him for dead. You already know the ending, but it doesn’t seem to matter because Statham’s unique charisma allows his audiences to forgive the formulaic plots because they want to see him win out.  Jennifer “J-Lo” Lopez gives him hand, as well as some sex appeal, but her contribution is minimal and raises more questions about how she is not being interrogated at some point in the epilogue.  There was some funny moments and one great fight scene, but most of the time it was average. I will admit the film fun to watch on my phone, but I do not think I would sit on the couch or sit in the theater without feeling a level of disappointment.


Chuck’s Grade: C

Adam’s Grade” N/A

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