Red Eye keeps you awake

18 Jul


Actor Cillian Murphy’s physical appearance and soft voice allows him to portray a unique villain in director Wes Craven’s thriller, Red Eye. Craven understands most people are scared of flying to begin with and many are uncomfortable with strangers sitting next to them.  He combines these two anxieties and forces Lisa Reisert (Rachel McAdams) to experience this claustrophobic nightmare when she sits next Jackson Rippner (Murphy) on a flight to Miami. At first, Craven fans are anticipating a standard horror film with something supernatural and terrifying about to happen at any moment, but audiences quickly realize they are in store for a much different flight. It is a compact thriller with a singleness of purpose that may let some people down because of high expectations and a formulaic ending, but with a running time of 85 minutes it kept my interest on McAdams and Murphy from take off to landing.


Adam’s Grade: B-

Chuck’s Grade: B-

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