Equilibrium loses its footing

8 Jul


History has a tendency to repeat itself and director Kurt Wimmer’s film, Equilibrium uses familiar subject material that has been introduced by the likes of literary greats, Ray Bradbury and George Orwell, while borrowing contemporary sci-fi style from The Matrix and THX 1138 in this futuristic tale about fascist governments and mood controlling drugs. I do not have a problem with the subject material, but the film’s script is not very good and actor Christian Bale (John Preston) finds himself mired in one predictable scene after another. Besides Bale, I thought the art direction, fight choreography, and stunts were the strongest points, but in the end it always comes down to a good story, and although this one had some great source material it does not deliver a word-of-mouth movie that I would recommend to my sci-fi geek buddies. Equilibrium loses its footing and falls into the pile of forgettable DVDs.


Adam’s Grade: C+

Chuck’s Grade: C

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