The Courier

1 Jul


The Courier delivers an expected message, but in many ways it is an original film that takes the time to develop an interesting protagonist. I am sure Jeffery Dean Morgan has heard the  comparisons to Javier Bardem a million times, but his voice and countenance are so similar it is difficult to get past. This is not a bad thing because Morgan is a very capable actor that carries this film as the title character while the script continually interrupts the action with a mysterious villain calling the shots over the phone. The device does not work and should have been edited from the final copy. There are several characters actors that make their presence known, but the most notable are Lili Taylor and Miguel Ferrer as pair of assassins (Mr. & Mrs. Capo).  I appreciate the couple’s sadism and the director’s choice to hide the antagonist’s identity, but it also explains why the film went directly to video distribution.


Chuck’s Grade: B-

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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