Shaun of the Dead kills you with laughs

25 Jun


Shaun of the Dead is the first entry of the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy created by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, with the other films being Hot Fuzz and the upcoming The World’s End. Shaun (Pegg) is an Everyman character that is trying to get his life back on track when flesh-hungry zombies start to rise in numbers around modern-day London. He must spring into action and come to the rescue by holding up in what he believes is the safest place during a zombie invasion… a pub.

Shaun of the Dead works as a parody of the classic zombie films because they do it out of love for the genre. They provide enough blood for die-hard Zombie fans (pun intended) and enough humor for those that want to enjoy a comedy. The writing is crisp, hilarious, and very English as they keep the pace brisk, even with slow moving hands out stretched Zombies.


Adam’s Grade: A

Chuck’s Grade: B

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