Quest for Fire still burns

24 Jun


According to J. -H. Rosny’s 1911 book, La Guerre du feu (Quest for Fire) the possession of this classical element had the capacity to create a power system among early humans. Director Jean-Jacques Annaud successfully directs Gérard Brach’s adaptation into humankind’s use and misuse of fire. Although, some of the scenes are hokey and historically inaccurate, I believe this is an underrated film that for its time did something very important for cinema. It was an experimental film that asked audiences to accept a series of believable grunts and snorts as a form of communication between primitive cultures, as well as embrace unrecognizable and unknown actors. I think it succeeded on both fronts and the film’s meaning still resonates today compared to most films on the subject that have paled in comparison (The Clan of the Cave Bear), simply failed miserable (10,000 B.C.), or have lampooned early mankind (Encino Man). Quest for Fire still burns.


Chuck’s Grade: B

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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