Liars, Fires, and Bears oh my!

19 May


Yesterday, I caught a sneak peek screening of the indie film, Liars, Fires, and Bears at Yavapai College.  It is an official selection for the 2013 Prescott Film Festival (July 24-31). The film is about young girl named Eve (Megli Micek) that wants to get away from her foster parents because she cannot accept the fact that they really want to love her. She orchestrates a plan to fake her death and meet her brother in Colorado. Eve lies her way into the life of a drunk thirty something guy named Dave (Lundon Boyd) that makes as many destructive choices as his nine-year-old accomplice. The film is much funnier than it sounds because of Lundon bearded, wide eye baby face reminds audiences of a harmless teddy bear that gets hugged one minute, and then dragged along the ground the next. Also, Luke Jones (Ricky) has a couple of side splitting episodes as a pawn shop clerk. Liars, Fires, and Bears oh my!


Chuck’s Grade: B

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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