Kingdom of Heaven does not deliver salvation

17 May

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 9.11.53 PM

Ridley Scott tries strikes to strike gold a second time with a sword and sandal epic, but Kingdom of Heaven does not deliver the same salvation with Orlando Bloom starring as the defender of Jerusalem as did Russell Crowe did in Gladiator. Bloom’s inability to match the statures of Liam Neeson and Jeremy Irons is only one of many shortcomings. However, it is one of the better films to capture the actual scale of the city, as well as balancing the beauty and ugliness involved in the politics of the Crusades. Especially, with the amazing performance from (Edward Norton) as the King of Jerusalem. Unfortunately, Hollywood keeps creeping back into the script and takes us away from the Promised Land.


Chuck’s Grade: B-

Adam’s Grade: C

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