R’ha (short film) remember the name

4 May


R’ha is a six minute independent film that is taking the internet and Hollywood by storm this year for its amazing cost effective visuals. Writer, director, and animator Kaleb Lechowski has created a science fiction story about an alien race being attacked by its own defense technology. The machines are intent to exterminate its creator from existence. The premise is similar to The Matrix and The Terminator series, but the execution is much different. The film opens with a snake-like pharaoh looking alien being interrogated and tortured by one of the “head” machines. The alien and its overall concept is amazing for having no money and only an assortment of computer programs, such as Maya, Blender, zBrush, Nuke and After Effects to complete the seven month long project. Internet audiences are demanding a full length version and Hollywood will probably pick up this 22 year old’s option to create an extended version. Remember the name, Kaleb Lechowski.


Chuck’s Grade: A+

Adam’s Grade: A

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