On the Doll is a punch below the belt

28 Apr


On the Doll is one of those films that has a couple of scenes that you have never witnessed before, but the shock value wears off quickly because the script and the majority of the cast is so bad that it is painful to watch. Not as painful as the guy paying a prostitute (Brittany Snow) to punch him repeatedly below the belt, but pretty close. Writer/Director Thomas Mignone pulls back the curtain to the Los Angeles sex industry to show the sickness and dysfunction coming from the back rooms of video stores, web cam assembly lines, and call girls encountering the darker side of human nature. Essentially, there are three main plot lines stumbling over each other to get to the film’s final scene which attempts to bring everything together in one shot, but it misfires and ricochets all over the place.


Chuck’s Grade: F

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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