Get the Gringo crosses the border

26 Apr


Mel Gibson used to make films where his characters were good guys with some issues. Ironically, that sounds like our perception of Gibson these days. His film, Get the Gringo is pretty much the same, but this time he is a bad guy, just not as bad as everyone else in the film, which makes him likeable and the film watchable. In the 1980s, this movie would be a hit in theaters, but today its only option for financial success is a Video on Demand deal, as well as Netflix’s streaming option. I enjoyed the movie from the comfort of my home at two in the morning, but I do not think I would feel the same if I went to the cinema on the weekend and shelled out ten plus dollars for a ticket. Get the Gringo is a paradox much like its author and leading actor. It is not Lethal Weapon, but it is not The Beaver either.


Chuck’s Grade: B-

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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