Transformers takes shape

19 Apr


In 2007, Transformers made its way to theaters and instantly became a blockbuster hit that would go on to spawn three sequels (Transformer 4, June 2014). Director Michael Bay is a master of movie magic with his adept applications of CGI technology. His special effects are amazing and the combination of the stunning visuals and precise sound editing have placed him at the top of today’s summer blockbuster directors. However, his adaptation of the Autobot’s arrival needs revisions. The dialogue is laughable at times and the film feels like it is about twenty minutes too long. The military is one-dimensional and Shia LeBeouf yelling can be tiresome. The big budget spectacle and Megan Fox helped distract audiences from these flaws and entertained audiences while a barrage of product placements littered the screen. Bay must be a mad scientist genius of action films because I was still entertained by the movie and looked forward to the sequel, in spite of my criticisms.

Adam’s Grade: B-

Chuck’s Grade: B

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