Dark City is out of this world

31 Mar


In 1998, I remember Roger Ebert exclaiming to Gene Siskel that Dark City was one of the best films he had ever seen ever. I was more shocked than Siskel when Roger gave such a definitive statement. My interest was aroused and I immediately sought out this neo-noir sci-fi film mentioned in the same breath as Metropolis. Since then, I have probably watched Dark City twenty times and still have not grown tired of this stylistic thriller, even though I know the film’s juicy secret it continues to entertain my imagination. Rarely, do films have this affect on me, but director Alex Proyas creates the right balance of style and substance that keeps the film interesting and something I would recommend to others. Rufus Sewell’s unfamiliar face helps Dark City keep its authenticity while Hurt, Sutherland, and Connelly provide credence. There are many memorable moments, but the Strangers and their purpose for being there is what pulls audiences into their world.


Chuck’s Grade: A

Adam’s Grade: B

One Response to “Dark City is out of this world”

  1. Bill K April 6, 2013 at 3:05 am #

    Totally agree. Ebert’s praise led me to the overlooked film, which is as much a classic as Alien or Blade Runner. Surprised Proyas as not been able to recreate the magic as well since.

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