Stoker copes with difficult script

29 Mar


Park Chan-wook’s (Oldboy) demonstrates his visual power in every scene with hauntingly beautiful camera work and meticulous detail to fully capture the story he wants to tell. Stoker is his first English language film and some American audiences may find his style does not translate well, but there is no denying his expertise and craftsmanship.

Richard Stoker is killed in a car accident leaving his daughter, India (Mia Wasikowska) and wife, Evelyn (Nicole Kidman) in grief. At the funeral, India meets her Uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode) for the first time. She was unaware of his existence until now, but he moves in to help her mother cope with the tragedy. Slowly, India forms a friendship with him and realizes his true intentions.

The score is chilling and the performances are disturbingly good. Stoker will remind viewers of Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt, but this story is muddled with flaws that keep it from becoming a cult classic.


Adam’s Grade: B

Chuck’s Grade: N/A

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