Red Lights is predictable, but entertaining

19 Mar


Red Lights is the latest offering from Netflix’s new release carousal, but to be honest, I hesitated at first because it was another limited run Robert De Niro film. The movie has several flaws that I should have seen coming, but I was hooked when I found actors, Sigourney Weaver (Margaret Matheson) and Cillian Murphy (Tom Buckley) as a pair of scientists dead set on disproving people’s claims of psychic and supernatural powers. Writer/Director Rodrigo Cortes starts off strong by establishing a believable working relationship between Weaver and Murphy, but the film begins to loose its hold over me when De Niro appears as the legendary psychic Simon Silver. All of sudden, my psychic gifts were able to predict what was going to happen next. Regardless, I found the story entertaining, and thought Cortes’s choice of locations and cinematography demonstrated his passion for his craft and better things to come in the future.


Chuck’s Grade: B

Adam’s Grade: C

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