Little Miss Sunshine is worth the ride

14 Mar


Little Miss Sunshine is one of those rare films that have critics drawing a line in the sand and setting up tents in support and in opposition to the film’s aesthetic and artistic merit. I like this dark comedy about a dysfunctional family trying to focus on a glass being half full, instead of being half empty when most things are not pointing in their favor. Individually, each of these characters could have a movie of their own, but together these personalities keep the audience entertained and invested in a young girl’s goal of becoming a beauty queen. There are many related themes running through this script that audience can interpret as something much bigger, but for me it is simply about following a dream. The unique relationship between a no-nonsense grandfather (Alan Arkin) and his granddaughter (Abigail Breslin) is special for people with a sarcastic sense of humor. Little Miss Sunshine is worth the ride.


Chuck’s Grade: B

Adam’s Grade: A

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