Closer lies its way to the truth

12 Mar


Director Mike Nichols directs this emotionally devastating film based on Patrick Marber’s play. Set in London, Dan (Jude Law) begins dating Alice Ayres (Natalie Portman), but ends up meeting a photographer named Anna (Julia Roberts), but she is not does not want to be in a relationship with him.  Instead, she begins dating and eventually marrying Larry (Clive Owen) as a result of a childish prank played by Dan. The relationships are tested when Anna and Dan finally engage in an affair and Larry and Alice find out the truth.

The four actors give strong performances, but Portman and Owen command our attention in every scene. She is memorizing as an American stripper working in England while he is unshakeable. This is a classic Nichols film that reveals flawed characters demonstrating self-destructive behavior while Marber’s script pushes the boundaries of love, lust, and lies. Closer is a powerful film that ends up lying its way to the unforgettable truth.


Adam’s Grade: B+

Chuck’s Grade: B+

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