Comes a Bright Day needs more polishing

6 Mar


I was hoping to find a gem when I stumbled upon the British film, Comes a Bright Day on Netflix, but unfortunately it was more like an unpolished stone.  I loved the premise, a young guy named Sam (Craig Roberts) goes to a jewelry store to ask Mary (Imogen Poots) out on a date when a pair of thieves rob the store at gunpoint. Writer/Director Simon Abound script is original, but there are too many inconsistencies with the characters’ behavior, as well as the film trying to find its identity.  One minute the actors are cold-blooded killers, and then in the next scene they are bumbling idiots. Also, the hostages performed in a similar fashion by going back and forth between moments of strength and weakness, but their motivations often felt forced. I liked the idea, but the film definitely needed more polishing before I would put it on my DVD shelf.


Chuck’s Grade: C

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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