A Single Man does not disappoint

14 Feb


Fashion designer Tom Ford’s adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s novel is a beautiful and breathtaking film that reveals the effects of grief.

Set in one day, George (Colin Firth), grieves over the loss of his longtime partner Jim (Matthew Goode). Unable to live another day without him, he plans to end this life. He reminisces about his life with Jim, and spends the day with various people including his friend Charlotte (Julianne Moore) and a student in his class Kenny (Nicholas Hoult). Depression and grief are two powerful emotions that can erase the feeling of hope for many people and Firth captures this condition with his magnificent performance.

Ford’s color palette is one of the noticeable triumphs from the director, not to mention his script and music selection. His storytelling is superb and he allows the actors to explore this difficult territory in way that few directors can without his cast going to far one way. A Single Man does not disappoint.


Adam’s Grade: A

Chuck’s Grade: B+

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