The Campaign…I do not recall

29 Jan


Like most past elections, I cannot remember who was running and what they running for or what issues they were supporting or not supporting. I feel bad because it is something I should remember. Ironically, I had a similar experience with The Campaign. I know I watched the film on DVD Saturday night, but by Tuesday morning I knew I had watched something over the weekend, but I could not remember its name to save the life of me.  That pretty much sums up my recollection of this forgettable political satire about an evil interest group attempting to oust an incumbent politician (Will Ferrell) with a candidate of their “own” (Zack Galifianakis). There are some funny moments between the two gifted comedic actors, but most of the jokes are empty promises that do not deliver. Ferrell is his usual dependable self, but Galifianakis is too whiny and unlikeable.  I was hoping for much more from the film’s leading “candidates.”


Chuck’ Grade: C

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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