Rebel Without a Cause

28 Jan

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Rebel Without a Cause reminds audiences what it was like to go against the norm in the 1950s.  James Dean’s iconic film survives the test of time because many adolescents continue to feel lost and misunderstood. His unforgettable performance as an angry teenager caught in a world that refuses to acknowledge his choices. Neither side is willing to compromise or give an inch, which will lead to an inevitable series of life-changing conflicts.

Nicholas Ray’s direction captures America’s post war two conservatism and a generation of young people that avoid the label of being a “chicken” at all costs. This film has always had an interesting paradox when it comes to its story. On one side, it shows young people standing up for their right to express themselves, but on the other side it demonstrates the destructive choices teenagers make in order to maintain their reputation. This film continues to resonate with young audiences because not much has really changed.


Adam’s Grade: A

Chuck’s Grade: A

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