Dredd brings justice to its fans

25 Jan


In America, the new film featuring the comic book character Judge Dredd was fighting a losing battle before it arrived in theaters because of Sylvester Stallone poor adaptation in 1995. However, this film presents a much different interpretation of Dredd. He is much darker character that never cracks a smile and will bring all perpetrator to justice; dead or alive. The premise is similar to many other recent action films (District B-13, The Raid, Om-Bak, etc…) where the protagonist must ascend a skyscraper housing project filled with criminals and innocent people. Aesthetically, this film looks amazing, but the ultra violence is over the top and in your face bloody. The first couple sequence carry an important shock value, but after a non-stop 95 minutes audiences are exhausted from the body count and graphic depictions of death. The film almost meets its potential, but pulled back when Anderson was captured, which weakens the film.  Dredd brings justice to its fans.


Chuck’s Grade: B

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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