Gangster Squad shoots itself in the foot.

20 Jan


The Gangster Squad was called in to clean up the streets of Los Angeles during the late 1940s, but what was really needed was a detective that could find out why such a talented cast of actors could not do this film justice. Sean Penn stars at the ruthless LA crime lord Mickey Cohen, but his make-up and his demonstrative demeanor reminded me of a character in a dime novel. I will admit at times he was entertaining when he was trying to kill someone, but my tolerance for gratuitous violence these days is waning thin. The good guys aka the Gangster Squad is a one-dimensional unit of crime fighters that do not add anything special to Sgt. John O’Mara’s (Josh Brolin) assignment. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were the biggest disappointments. Their relationship was not developed and seemed only there to conveniently show up when the script began to unravel. Gangster Squad shoots itself in the foot.


Chuck’s Grade: C

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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