Iron Sky crashes like the Hindenburg

18 Jan


Every once in a while a critic wants to give readers a one sentence response to a film, or even, a one-word review. I will refrain from my adolescent urges and say a couple nice things about the movie, and then proceed to the justified censure. Iron Sky is about a bunch of Nazi’s living on the moon for sixty years and preparing for an invasion of Earth. Granted, the idea is original and the film’s trailer is quite intriguing, but the on-screen action and story does not live up to the expectations. The film is tongue and cheek humor that satirizes the United States’s conservative politics, which is fine, but most of the jokes crashes like the Hindenburg. As for the cast, there is no balance between the actors. The supporting roles are over the top obnoxios while the leads are simply not interesting. Everyone looks uncomfortable. Iron Sky is a one-joke film that can’t sustain the humor.


Chuck’s Grade” D+

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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