Columbus Circle needs some renovations before renting it out

14 Jan


George Gallo pens a story about a wealthy woman living as a recluse in a posh apartment building in New York City. She is hiding from her past, but her seclusion from the world is nearing twenty years when a murder takes place across the hall. Her lifestyle and identity are in jeopardy when the police investigate and new pair of tenants move in. Although, the story is interesting there are problems with its execution, as well as character elements that are not completely worked out.  Is Abigal (Selma Blair) a recluse because she wants to conceal her identity from the world or is she agoraphobic? It seems the answer is both, but only when it serves the script’s needs, which is unforgivable. Although, it is an independent film, its creator is a seasoned filmmaker that ignores the details. The cast is capable, but they cannot avoid going straight to DVD.  Columbus Circle needs some renovations before renting it out.


Chuck’s Grade: C

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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