Get Milk!

7 Jan


Gus Van Sant’s biographical film about Harvey Milk is a statement about courage, determination, and sacrifice.  Based on the true story of how Milk (Sean Penn) was elected as San Francisco’s first openly gay city councilor in 1978. The film mixes archival footage from the 1970s into the drama as it shows Harvey and his partner (James Franco) leave New York to open a small camera shop on Castro Street. From there, audiences learn about Harvey’s life and his eventual attempts for political office, as well as the his interactions with fellow supervisor board member Dan White (Josh Brolin).

Dustin Lance Black’s award winning script provides a strong foundation for these talented actors to embody Milk’s spirit. He avoids Hollywood’s insensitive stereotypes of gay men and demonstrates the humanity of a man driven to do something important with his life. Penn reaches mainstream audiences like no other actor before him and he deservedly wins a second Oscar his performance. Get Milk!


Adam’s Grade: A

Chuck’s Grade: A-

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