Freelancers work familiar roles

6 Jan


Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent is quickly becoming the undisputed star of straight to REDBOX/NETFLIX films these days. Freelancers is another gangster film made for a modest budget with some big name actors, such as Robert De Niro (Captain Sarcone) and Forest Whitaker (Detective Lurue) to give the film some respectability and credibility. These two Academy Award winners are a pair of dirty cops that run an intricate underground crime organization right beneath the noses of the NYPD. Jackson (Malo) is a new member of the force and is asked by De Niro to join his “special” unit because Malo’s father used to be Sarcone’s partner. There are many familiar gangster motifs found in the film that keep it moving forward, but at the same time the unoriginal scenarios produce a predictable script. Jackson’s acting is noticeably getting better with each film, but he is still far from being a capable anti-hero character that wears the street on his sleeve.


Chuck’s Grade: C+

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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