Winter’s Bone is a blessing in disguise.

29 Dec


Winter’s Bone is one of those films that remind audiences to appreciate their comfortable lives because there are people out there living well below the poverty line and must do what ever it takes to survive. Ree Dolly (Jennifer Lawrence) is a seventeen year old girl who has had to drop out of school to care for her younger brother and sister because her mother is mentally ill and her father is gone for extended periods of time. The characters sound depressing, but actually there is so much strength and hope in Ree that you ignore the circumstances and follow her journey to save her home from being taken by the bail bondsman. Besides Lawrence’s formidable performance, there are a couple actors that transcend this film to another level. Dale Dickey creates a haunting character as Ree’s main obstacle and John Hawkes keeps audiences off-balance with his complicated portrayal of Ree’s uncle. Winter’ Bone is a blessing in disguise.


Chuck’s Grade: A-

Adam’s Grade: B

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