Pump Up The Volume finds its listeners

18 Dec


Pump Up The Volume is a dark comedy about a teenager that starts a pirate radio station from his bedroom.  Mark Hunter aka Hard Harry (Christian Slater) anonymously broadcasts his show over the air to a couple of bored teenagers that find his channel, but as time goes by his programs become more controversial and the show begins to go “viral.” Adults become upset when they realize they are losing “control” of their kids and demand the mysterious dee-jay to be pulled from the air.

Director Allan Moyle reveals the frustrations teenagers experience when they try to express their voice in an adult dominated world that prefers to press the mute button. This film is not as dark, nor as successful as Heathers, but it resonates with young people. It found its footing in the VHS/DVD world and continues to entertain with its sharp wit, intelligent humor, and amazing soundtrack. Pump Up The Volume finds its listeners.


Chuck’s Grade: B+

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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