Killing Them Softly turns up the volume

4 Dec


I want to start by simply saying that I liked this film, but I know many people are going to hate this movie for a variety of reasons. Brad Pitt is a hitman hired to kill who is responsible for someone robbing a mob sanctioned card game. Killing Them Softly is not your ordinary gangster film. Director Andrew Dominik takes the genre and turns it on its head with a series of aesthetic choices that I thought were bold and original. Especially, the stylistic depictions of violence and drug use.

Dominic elects to include tracks from the Bush vs. Obama election throughout the movie to emphasize and identify America’s weakened condition. I did not mind the messages being communicated but their insertions were Brechtian in nature, which made it difficult to stay connected. I assume the director was trying to alienate his audiences on purpose, but I think the film would have been stronger with the volume turned down.


Chuck’s Grade: B+

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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