Setup lives up to its name

1 Dec


This direct to DVD movie is a straight forward gangster film that has the double cross happen at the beginning of the story, and then the wronged seeks revenge for the following 80 minutes. I’m not going to lie. Setup kept my interest, but it wasn’t really because the movie was compelling or captivating. I watched the whole film because it was one of the strangest casts I have ever seen assembled for a B-movie. The film features Bruce Willis as a mob boss and MMA’s Randy Couture as his muscle. Ryan Phillippe is the bad guy while 50 CENT is the protagonist seeking retribution and redemption at the same time. Not to mention, James Remar as a psycho convict, Will Yun Lee as a tattoo artist that can remove bullets in 30 seconds, Shaun Toub as an ineffective hitman, and Jenna Dewan-Tatum who is really under utilized. The only person that was setup was me for watching it.


Chuck’s Grade: C-

Adam’s Grade: N/A

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