Red Dawn inspires a remake

24 Nov

Wolverines!!!  This was the battle cry of every action movie adolescent during the mid 198os.  Actually, I still hear some older adolescents in their mid 30s and early 40s still saying it to each. I first saw Red Dawn on a summer weekend in Fort Ticonderoga, New York. I left that theater ready to defend my campsite if need be.  At the time, this cold war film featuring  a group of popular young actors sacrificing everything to defend its country was a fun action flick that turned the impossible into the probable for an hour and half.  Patrick Swayze and C. Thomas Howell led their high school classmates in a guerrilla war resistance against Russian troops that had occupied their hometown.  In retrospect, the film encapsulates the cultural consciousness of the time period. Today, it is a cheesy action flick with some cool scenes and nostalgic actors that do a great job preserving America’s liberty and inspiring a remake.


Chuck’ Grade: In 1984; A+  In 2012; B

Adam’s Grade: B-

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