Like Crazy

23 Nov

Most young people learn the hard way when it comes to long distance relationships, but the film, Like Crazy (Sundance 2011 Grand Jury Prize Winner) attempts to put this pessimistic theory to the test with this emotional film about  Jacob (Anton Yelchin) and Anna’s (Felicity Jones) relationship being pushed apart when Anna’s visa expires and she is forced to return to England.

Director Drake Doremus offers only fragments of these characters’ lives. He does not share the entire story with his audiences. This may infuriate some viewers, but I think it creates a captivating experience that feels more genuine than most romance films. Like Crazy is beautiful to watch and provides some unique moments that will stay with you long after the film. Doremus shoots the movie on a Canon 7D Camera and uses a hand-held to give it a more authentic feel. Today, young love is different than in years past, but in a way it is the same.


Adam’s Grade: A-

Chuck’s Grade; N/A

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